Thursday, November 15, 2012

Steamy Kitchen's Miso Butter Shrimp

Have you been over to Jaden Hair's website Steamy Kitchen?  The food there is beautiful and her Miso Butter Shrimp are no exception.  Those are about the prettiest shrimp I've ever seen!

The Original Recipe

Gluten Free Tweak:
This recipe is gluten free depending on the miso you use.  Jaden Hair recommends a shiro miso, which is a white miso.  Most miso, including shiro miso, are gluten free, but there are some miso you should be wary of.  Mugimiso or mugi miso is barley miso.  Look for "mugi" in ingredients as well.  For example, hadakamugi is rye and sobamugi is buckwheat, so avoid those.  Also watch out for tsubu, which is whole wheat. 

The recommended shiro miso is probably the most popular miso flavor.  It is a light flavor that some people describe as nutty.  Red miso, Akamiso, is also gluten free, has a stronger flavor than shiro, and is a very popular flavor.  Genmai is a brown rice miso, which has a stronger flavor than shiro and is also gluten free.

For this recipe, I like Eden Shiro Miso.

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