Monday, October 8, 2012

Triple Chocolate Chunk Muffins

These muffins from "healthyisalwaysbetter" look just drool-worthy.  They may not look healthy or particularly gluten free, but things aren't always as they seem.  These are knock-offs of the Whole Foods Chocolate Chunk VitaTop Muffins cooked up by a health-conscious young lady from the Netherlands.

The Original Recipe 

Gluten Free Tweak:
This recipe doesn't even use flour, so no worrying about gums or starches or flour replacements.  If you are particularly sensitive, there are two things in this recipe to look out for: 

Oatmeal - Make sure you use gluten free oatmeal like Bob's Red Mill Gluten Free Oatmeal (you can find these in many grocery stores with health food sections; I get mine at Kroger).  Oatmeal itself is a gluten free food, but it is often grown in the same fields as grains containing gluten.  To learn more about this, check out the Gluten Freely blog post about oatmeal and a gluten free diet

Vinegar - Some white vinegars start out as wheat. However, the distillation process removes gluten from the vinegar, so look for distilled vinegar.  In the U.S., the vinegar used in food products is usually made from corn rather than wheat, but if you aren't certain, make sure the label says "distilled".    Apple cider vinegar does not contain gluten products right from the start of the process, so should not be a problem.  Check out this article from to learn more about vinegar and distilled spirits in relation to a gluten free lifestyle.  

According to the original recipe, each muffin is 116 calories.  Pretty good for triple chocolate chunk!

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